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Our products come with nice graphics or photos on them and you can customize each item to your liking if you wish, or you can purchase them as is.

Yes this is a true artists website.

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Go to our Zazzle Store Photo Art Products for our art, designs and photos on popular items.


Of Cameras, Computers and Pixels

Awhile back probably when you don't remember when. You had to have a really expensive camera and special lenses and optics to create that special shot of a sunset, or effect of any photo you had taken. Does anyone remember when you could only take black and white photos and the only effects were when the camera mistook 2 photos at once and created one photo on top of another ? You could not even take a still picture of something speeding by without it being a blur.

 Although there are still hobbyists and photographers that still use the expensive cameras with all the fancy lenses and accessories, You can get a nice camera that will do a great job of taking quality photos for you for very little money. These days you can transfer them into your computer to store, edit and share them with the world at large. One thing to remember is the more pixels a camera stores your photo with the higher the quality of the image. Also the higher number of pixels your image has the more you can enlarge the photo without loss of quality. In essence you could take a high quality picture with your digital camera, smart phone or device and have it made into an extra large wall poster or print without any noticeable loss of image quality.

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We love to create unique items with photos and art. We love to see how they look on the items at Zazzle. Quite often we get a pleasant surprise when we see that someone has purchaced one of our artwork or photo items. This gives us great pleasure to keep creating unique art and thoughtfull creations for you to enjoy for yourself or as a gift.

Our art and photos.

We like photos of old cars from the 1950's 1960's and 1970's. Animals and scenic photos, objects, photos of original art, bugs, plants buildings, just about anything that would be a good subject matter. Sometimes we edit them, like if they were from a car show we edit out the people and other items that may be a distraction. Nothing can be said for a well taken photo that no editing has to be done.

Some of the fun is in taking a photo and then editing it in our favorite photo editing software, we sometimes will bring a photo into one software program, do some editing like cropping and then save or paste the resulting photo into another software program to use some of its features.

Animal photos can be so cute but sometimes they are taken with other items that are in the background which makes for a non attractive photo. The best way is to plan the photo to be taken, for instance a litter of kittens can be so hard to photograph because they are always running around and playing, and getting them to be still all at once can be a challenge. I would personally use a piece of cloth for the background and backdrop on a high table. Then I would use some sort of distraction for them to pay attention to so I could get the perfect shot.

We like old quirky signs, patterns, nature, any type of subject which no one can claim copyright. Here is an example : although a nice old rusty sign would make a nice photo, the image or text or logo maybe copyright protected. Therefore you could not sell or reproduce the photo. Such a photo would be ok for your own personal use or collection. However if the sign is of a company that has been out of business for quite a while, say 50 years or so then it would be ok so long as there was no right to claim copyright or trademark. Use your own intuition is the best policy.

Don't be short sighted when picking a subject matter. It is best to have an open mind when it comes to subjects. You could be taking a really special photo of a cute little bumble bee hovering near a flower and just 2 feet away there could be a very unique brick wall that is most interesting and just miss it. Keep your eyes and mind open to new ideas.


Put more art into your life.


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